Game Gestalt is Game Design Competence!

We are game designers who delight in tackling unusual game ideas that foster personal and social change.Our core mission is to challenge accepted notions of what games can do or should be about and to provide tangible proof of concepts for our ideas through playable game prototypes.  

We foster game design excellence in the following areas:

  • we provide proof of our own game ideas through prototypes and intense playtesting.
  • we take on anybody’s game idea provided it is interesting and innovative enough.
  • we think academically about game design, contribute to the field through conference presentations and publications, have a regular discourse with the main players in the discipline (MIT, USC, Tiltfactor Laboratory) and contribute to the education of tomorrow’s game designers through our teaching engagements at several universities and games programmes.

Want to play Minty Toons?

It wasn't me! ohh that, well that was Minty Toons!

Minty Toons


Indiecade Festival

finalist at IndieCade Festival in Culver City, L.A., for "Akrasia". winner of "Honorable Mention 2009" at IndieCade Festival in Culver City, L.A. for "Papermint"

Meaningful Play Conference

runner-up for the "people's choice" award at the 2010 "Meaningful Play" conference in Michigan, for "Elude". winner in the category "most meaningful game" at the 2010 "Meaningful Play" conference in Michigan, for "Elude".

Game Developer Choice Online Award

nominee for "Best Online Visual Arts" at Game Developers Choice Online Award 2010 for "Papermint"

Ericsson Application Awards

winner of "Best Gaming Application" for "3rd generation" an interactive film for mobile phones at Ericsson Mobile Application Awards 2002 in Zürich

Ideen gegen Armut

winner of "Ideen gegen Armut 2011" for "Game Changing" in cooperation with Hub Vienna