MintyPic coming soon!

After 10 years, we are happy to announce that Minty-world is back with a follow-up game! The mobile-app MintyPic will be available for iOS and Android soon.


Do you believe in Horoscopes? Whether you do or don’t, you will soon believe in Minty Pic.
After sacrificing a photo, the Minty oracle works its magic and puts mysterious words into your mouth: The highly complex language simulator “Minty Script” creates speech bubbles that turn your pictures and photos into comics. Funny, deep, alluring or just plain dumb – the machine says it all.


“Minty Pic” builds on the human ability to detect patterns and meaning in seemingly nonsensical information. This way, the game challenges our creativity and evokes associations, inside-jokes and common experiences we share with our friends, just like a horoscope. By choosing one or many situations out of a pool provided by the app (“Kissing”, “Office”, “Philosophy” …), Minty Script will create sentences. If you don’t like what it says, click as many times as you like. However: If you’re trying too hard to be funny, the recipient of your latest cartoon will know by the click-counter in the cartoon!


This fun app produces impersonal blabbering and highly intimate poetry at the same time – depending on who you’re playing with.


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