Generate personal comics for Facebook or Iphone.

  • The first comic about the player and his or her friends is ready to post after ten seconds of gameplay!
  • Comics are valuable in the game (achievements for different kinds of comics)
  • They're valuable in Facebook (it's your personal comic, post it!)
  • They're valuable for your friends (addressed in the comic, post it to them!)
  • This is viral!
  • Order t-shirts by one click with your character or comic!
  • First launch will be in Germany/Austria.
What are you doing in the game? You browse and rate comics of others and get coins for it. You find, purchase and arrange items for special comic-topics. Changing the situation changes the comic. You find the cat, place it in your flat and press "make comic" again. Awesome? Post it on your wall! You place your girlfriend next to you and create another comic! Good? Send it to her! Ask the oracle about your future, or send your friend to the shrink. Like the diagnosis he gets? Send it to him!

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