Papermint is an online world of communication, gameplay and fun.

“Papermint” is a highly complex MMOG. A preview was playable in March 2007. It was played regularly by a fan community of around 20.000 users from 2007 until 2011. The online world is created entirely out of paper. “Papermint” has the highest narrative potential integrated in its world in a way it has never been seen before in an online game. After a few year of silence around Peppermint it is about to be relaunched in Fall - with the help of its vast community we want to revive the joy and beauty of Papermint! Stay tuned!
“Papermint“ is a world in which human interaction is easily possible - because you play together, communicate with each other and experience the world together. It is a world that puts special attention on networks of relationships - everyone is "related" to each other. Its digital environment enables you to finally behave the way you feel - you can buy chic fashion collections in fashion boutiques, be a musician or designer. And despite the individual style it’s the inner values that count, being shown in profile wobbles floating above players’ heads displaying their mood and personality.

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„Papermint“ is a world packed with minigames. Classic and brand new, exclusive games invite players to have fun together. The online world is colorful, playful, acoustically diverse, yet concise and awakens the explorer, offering varied landscapes only waiting to be discovered, rare plants to be found and isolated dwellings to be inhabitated. It is a world with local reference points, allowing players to rent popular buildings of their local city, which, of course, can be furnished according to their own ideas. “Papermint” is also a place for virtual world-citizens as well as for people who have never been in digital 3D worlds before: the fixed point of view on the spatial environment allows for a playfully easily orientation.


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The goal of the game in “Papermint” is to playfully earn your character with his/her profile-wobble-swarm-pattern, which corresponds to each idea of an ideal character and therefore precisely addresses the players for which you want to be interesting and which you want to interact with. If the players’ personal entanglements on marriage, children, minigames, professions - such as clothes dyer or landlords – and social roles in the interaction with other users lead to valuable and exciting stories, then the player has met his goal.

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