Regiodrom. The Game

A 24-Hours World for 250 settler.

Inspired by the economic model of the Regionalwert AG by Christian Hiss, Regiodrom plays on, analyses and celebrates the connection between sustainability, money and happiness.
For a whole day the theater becomes an interactive playfield. The lounges, the Jackson-Pollock Bar, the passage and the plaza open up as a undefined continent for 250 settler. Where theater-guests wait and rest elsewhen, you are invited to invent your second existence in a game-land of limitless possibilities. Gold is to be found, villages to be built, social structures to be negotiated. Existential needs become projects, purchase decisions become politics, trading generates values. In exchange you’ll get money, ressources, the bank and a feelgood-index. And beneath all that there is the underworld where you can devote yourself to exciting supply-chains of a different kind. Performances, gambling and profligacy await you here.

Invest 24 hours of your real life for a unique experience between timelapse-ghosttrain and deceleration-oasis. Everybody is a player! Pack your sleeping-bag and toothbrush and move to START!


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