Kibo’s Way: A Kilimanjaro adventure
Game-based trauma-therapy

Kibo’s Way supports children from the age of 9 in their trauma therapy.

It strengthens the connection between therapist and child, providing shared experiences and thus offering multifold points of contact. In the Game, Kibo wanders through the wondrous nature of the Kilimanjaro and experiences adventures, interacting with his surroundings.

As partner of the IGSinnovations GmbH, this game was developed in accordance with the current state of art in cognition science, psychotherapy-science and game design. It is designed on this basis to eliminate ethical concerns and to meet therapeutic standards as well as children's’ expectations of modern video games. As a mobile app, the game has minimal electronic requirements and thus enables an easy integration into therapeutic settings.

ISGinnovations GmbH
FH Oberösterreich
OFAI - Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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